Open / Public / Experimental / Residential / Activity.

A programme of residencies exploring performance, architecture and living. Initiated by Studio Polpo and currently based in Sheffield, UK. 

OPERA uses overnight performances to introduce adaptable and sociable residential uses into city centre locations.

Studio Polpo installs temporary eating, living and sleeping facilities into vacant or underused buildings and opens an experimental domestic space to invited guests and members of the public. Each evening guests are invited to cook and share a meal, host evening activities and discuss issues surrounding housing and empty buildings.

OPERA#1 (Sept 2014) took place in Castle House as part of the Festival of the Mind Bazaar and lasted ten days.

OPERA#2 (March – July 2015) was based at Theatre Delicatessen North and took place once a month.


OPERA is an experiment with no set outcome and we welcome ideas for the space and programme.

To be part of future OPERA activities, SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST HERE or email Studio Polpo: office@studiopolpo.com